Thursday, October 29, 2015

Turkey Reservations

We are getting down to the tail end of our turkey reservations. We usually are sold out by this time of year. Even though we have a few less birds this year than we did last year, sales are a little slow. I know why - we don't have the BIG turkeys this year due to the failure of our double breasted flock.

And now this might be rude, but I am going to do it as I keep getting reservations for large birds. WE ARE SOLD OUT of the big birds. Big, this year, meaning 18 pounds. Our big toms are spoken for, and my fingers are crossed that they will even be 18 pounds. I am having to send emails to folks who are reserving large birds and disappointing them that they are sold out. We are looking at the 12 pound and smaller range. (Hooray for you if you want a small bird! We have lots of those!)

An option if 12 pounds is just too small is to get 2 smaller birds. You can cook them side by side, or you can cook them with different methods! Roast one and smoke the other (yum) or deep fry one or put on on a rotisserie on your grill. ALL YUM!

So if 12 pounds or smaller isn't enough for you, consider getting 2.  That being said, I know it stinks. Believe us, it stinks for us too! We spend over 6 months raising these birds. We want to make our customers happy. BUT I can't make turkeys of certain sizes appear out of thin air. I also can't guarantee the sizes of the ones I have. I won't know their size until I get them cleaned. Believe me, turkeys do NOT stand still on a scale for me!

Anyhow, still interested in a smaller bird? Reservation link is right here.