Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

It was a long weekend, but all turkeys were processed. Saturday was pretty darn hectic, but I think I found a bird for everyone this year.

We have plenty of hens left over for breeding for next year, and 2 really amazing toms. So we are looking forward to hatching turkey poults for the coming year.

A few things went a little better this year - I gave other folks time frames on when to bring their birds, so we didn't have a line up of other people's turkeys waiting to be processed. I'll move more people to Sunday for next year, as Saturday was NUTS!

I will no longer agree to sell turkeys for anyone except those farms I already know and love.   I am almost considering not processing other's birds that weekend at all, as we get so  busy every year, and taking time to do other birds meant MINE weren't getting done and my customers sometimes had to wait for a bird to come down the pipeline.

I'll keep accepting volunteers to come and learn the process. However, I will continue with the realization that at least half of them won't show up. That's OK, between Long Shadow and WiMo farms, we are pretty much poultry processing rock stars and can get a lot of work done!

Next year I am going to require all birds be picked up over the weekend. It's disrespectful to our family and work time for folks to not show up, and make me wait around for them for several days after. Besides, I don't always have the fridge space!!  Besides, I have a LOT of accounting transactions to take care of, and that part is NOT enjoyable!! I like to get it overwith!!

Anyhow, we are done for now!! And taking a few days to rest before we get ready for our own Thanksgiving feast!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Poultry processing is booked

We are booked solid tomorrow, and turkey weekend is full. We have no more slots available to process birds for anyone until spring, 2016.

Thanks everyone!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Turkeys are SOLD OUT

We are officially sold out for Turkey reservations. Thanks, everyone! The online system is taking a waitlist, and we will call if we have any extras available.  Thanks, again! Happy November! Let's make it a great November.