Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Post-Thanksgiving Thank You!

This is a little belated, but truthfully, still trying to recover from turkey processing weekend. We did have a lot of volunteers, but today's shout it is specifically to our bestest friends at WiMo Farms!
They are a farm about a mile from us the way the crow flies. They run a raw milk dairy, raise lamb, duck, chicken and turkey as well. We complement each other (all my ice cream comes from their raw milk!). We share resources. And Turkey Weekend is one when we all come together to get stuff done for both farms!
Larry and Mo bagging up a turkey

Turkey Processing volunteers getting stuff done!!

Mo and Kristin trying to stay organized. Look at all those labels!

This is the whole Long Shadow and WiMo crew - minus baby Declan who was with grandma.

This is my big thank you and shout out to WiMo for our friendship, our partnership and all our collaborations we have together throughout the year. Funny... I met Mo from a Freecycle post giving away white boards, and it turned into this great friendship!