Sunday, February 14, 2016

Lamb Skins for Sale

We finally got our first lamb skins back from the tanner. We are never losing another skin! These are so beautiful, I hate to part with them, but wanted to share them with anyone who wants one. They are so soft and so warm. Eventually, I am going to mount one on some rings so I can hang it on the wall. I am also getting back some leather from my last batch, and am hoping to make some gloves and maybe use some raw leather to make the back side of a pillow, and a woolly skin to make a super warm and fluffy pillow. I am just striken by how nice these came out. We have have used them as throws while watching movies, so warm and soft against my face. YAY!

Make no mistake, we are going to take every skin in to be tanned from now on! These are amazing.

You can order onliner here (CSA shares also available at our online store, just too lazy to modify the script today.)

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