Saturday, February 20, 2016

Processing sign up link is open again

We won't be processing chickens until April, but I am already starting to get requests. I've set the link back to active, so you can submit requests to process birds.

Keep in mind, I need at least 20 birds to sign up, but don't let that stop you. There may be others asking for a process weekend, and if I can consolidate folks to one day, we can make it work.

It's easiest for me to keep everyone organized if you make your request through the link.

We have another upgrade to our processing area this year, too. We got an L-shaped stainless steel table from the Wayside Inn auction, that has a sink in the corner. We need to get it all plumbed up, which is why we won't process until April. We need night time temperatures to stay above freezing to make this all work.  But we should have a better work space, MORE space for plucking, and we're looking forward to getting butchering up and running again.