Monday, June 27, 2016

There's a New Sheriff in Town

A few weeks back, we brought home this little pile of fluff and silliness...

His name is Loki. We got him from SkyPilot Farm and Creamery in Longmont. He's fitting right in on the farm. He's made friends with Squeaky, our little disabled lamb. He loves to follow us around to do chores. He gets attention from Hercules, who keeps him warm at night. And Atlas and Goliath are coming around. Once he gets a bit bigger, I bet he'll go patrolling with them, too.

His mom is Colorado Mountain Dog, and his dad is old-school European Great Pyrenees. He's showing real promise, comes when he is called, knows his name. We'll work on more with him as he gets bigger. But he's loving life on the farm, especially chicken processing days, where he gets hand fed chicken livers. YUM!

Hopefully, he'll be spot on in about an year, and will allow Goliath to fully retire from working. We'd love Atlas to retire, too, but I don't think he has any plans to do so. That boy is a farm dog through and through, and takes his work very seriously.

We're happy to have this little bugger join the crew.  Come on out to the farm to see him, and we will likely bring him to the Berthoud Farmer's Market on July 9 for Kids Day, and  August 13 for Dog Day!