Saturday, July 30, 2016

New Website!

Check out the new site,

We've loved using Blogger all these years for our website. Did you realize this was a free blogging site that I transformed into a full webpage?

It's been a great and easy interface. However, it isn't very mobile friendly. So I started working on a new website. It's not perfect, definitely better for the mobile environment. I've moved almost all the content over there. If you still want to see older articles I wrote (I may move the more educational ones over to the new site)  They will still be here...  you can find this blog by clicking under "Home" "Our Old Blog" and it will bring you back to here.

I do need to scour the net for any links that direct straight to the blogger URL, which I have screened through our domain name, and get those switched over. I will start clearing out some of the sidebar stuff and tabs on this site. It will eventually just be a blog again.

I won't be adding new content here, just taking the best posts and moving them over as needed.

Check out the new site,

I think it's pretty darn slick!