Thursday, July 21, 2016

Turkey in July!

Kristin made an OOPS!

Here, I'll tell you the long version. I place all my chick orders for the year in December. Usually get discounted pricing that way, and I get to set the exact dates I want. However, turkeys are usually not available for order in December, you have to wait until spring.

This year I waited a bit too long and almost didn't get my orders in. In my rush to get what I wanted, when I wanted, I shopped my 3 favorite hatcheries. Some have different variety options. I usually order surplus heritage birds for my spring delivery. I am not concerned with breed, and they are less expensive that way. Except, I didn't read the fine print on my order this time...

They usually list a bunch of breeds and guarantee you'll get birds from at least 2 or 3 of the breeds listed. What I didn't notice in my rush was that Broadbreasted Bronzes and Giant Whites were two of the breeds listed in my surplus package.

That's ALL I GOT! Not a single heritage bird! (Which is fine, because I ended up hatching 200 of my own, and don't really need them now).

But I did end up with double breasted turkeys in APRIL. I usually order them in June and July to be ready by Thanksgiving (don't worry, I still have those available, my July babies come next week!)

So what I am saying here is.... I have turkeys that need to go NOW. Anyone interested in an early turkey?  We will likely butcher some July 31, and we don't have the freezer space for them, so if you want one, you would need to come and get it!